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Luna’s Half Brick

$178,00 $150,00

7 in stock

This is a bundle of Omnia: The Golden Age, inspired by the Goddess Luna.

It includes the following:

  • 2 Omnia Antica ($17)
  • 2 Omnia Perduta  ($17)
  • 2 Omnia Magnifica ($55)
  • 2 Origin Cards

This bundle has a discount of $28 and have a special shipping rate.

The box shown in picture is representative and not included.

7 in stock

Product Description

The main Omnia theme is cyclicality, especially in the sense of something constantly re-creating itself, the eternal return. The main symbol is the Uroboros, the immortal God-snake who eats its own tail, represents the beginning and the end of time.

Based on the ancestors of the first Omnia, decks of Omnia: The Golden Age will throw you in an Era full of treasures, heroes and war. Suits are inspired by ancient civilizations: Hearts are inspired by Egyptians, Spades are inspired by Babylonians and Persians, Clubs are inspired by Greeks and Diamonds are inspired by Romans.

Every court live a different era in each deck: in Magnifica they are ancient heroes, forgotten in the remote past. In Antica they live an era of abundance and wealth. In Perduta they are preparing to fight a huge war, that will end the Golden Age and will throw the world in the present, represented by Omnia Oscura of the Omnia: The First series.


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