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Eva Forbidden Box

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This product is the last, unsold, Forbidden Box from Eva’s Campaign.

  • A full brick (12 decks) of Eva Playing cards, retail value post Kickstarter 600 USD
  • 10 Thirdway Industries decks, including Limited Editions: Omnia Antica, Omnia Perduta, Omnia Illumina, Omnia Oscura, Omnia Magnifica, Dedalo Alpha, Dedalo Omega, Dedalo Apeiron and 2 Pantheon. All limited decks are sealed. Retail value 334 USD
  • One Omnia Box for 10 decks, very heavy paper with gold foil on top
  • Various goodies from Thirdway Industries
  • Two gifts from Eva (retail value around 100USD)
  • NEW – Two Cor Argentum coin (retail value 34 USD)
  • NEW – One Stele Oscura Carat Case (retail value around 25 USD)

1 in stock

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Product Description

This is the last unsold Forbidden Box from Eva, Kickstarter Campaign.