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Arianna’s Brick

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This is a bundle of Thirdway Industries decks,  inspired by the Princess Arianna of Crete, the Solution of the Labyrinth.

It includes the following:

  • 2 Dedalo Alpha ($18)
  • 2 Dedalo Omega  ($18)
  • 3 Omnia Antica ($17)
  • 3 Omnia Perduta ($17)
  • 1 Dedalo Apeiron ($55)
  • 1 Omnia Magnifica ($55)
  • 2 Oracle Cards
  • 2 Origin Cards

This bundle has a discount of $24 and have a special shipping rate.

The box shown in picture is representative and not included.

3 in stock

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Product Description

About Omnia

The main Omnia theme is cyclicality, especially in the sense of something constantly re-creating itself, the eternal return. The main symbol is the Uroboros, the immortal God-snake who eats its own tail, represents the beginning and the end of time.


Based on the ancestors of the first Omnia, decks of Omnia: The Golden Age will throw you in an Era full of treasures, heroes and war. Suits are inspired by ancient civilizations: Hearts are inspired by Egyptians, Spades are inspired by Babylonians and Persians, Clubs are inspired by Greeks and Diamonds are inspired by Romans.

About Dedalo

Dedalo is strongly inspired by Greek Mythology and tells the story of many characters of the Ancient Greece. The Minotaur Asterion, the dark hero Theseus, the beautiful Ariadne and, of course, Dedalo, the genius: he built the Labyrinth, the main location of the story. In Italian, Dedalo is a synonym of “Labyrinth”.

The deck is high-detailed, full of hidden meanings and with accurate references to Mythology.



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